YOUR ANGLE RECORDS (‘Y.A.R.’) is an Australian independent record label formed in 2018, Perth, Western Australia. Y.A.R. forms the music division of the creative company YOUR ANGLE.

The label maintains the purpose of generating original, soulful and withstanding music. Y.A.R. produces and publishes it’s own music, integrating the multifaceted avenues of culture, fashion and sound. 

To date the label represents three diverse artists under the label, PORSHE, IZZ and CORRJ, backed by a team of producers, directors and creative professionals. Each talent embraces their own individual persona, each bringing a unique vibe to the label yet upholding R&B and Hip-Hop tones throughout.

The key success behind Y.A.R. is the group bond that comprises the Yourangle family. Each artist promoting and endorsing one another, additionally being backed by the crew at YOUR ANGLE.